Chinese Investments

For U.S. companies coming to China

Over the last few years, China has aggressively expanded internationally becoming a leading international player in the global Merger and Acquisition markets. New regulations and policies are part of Beijing’s encouragement of private and state owned Chinese companies to expand internationally, especially the U.S. and Europe. Approval processes have been streamlined and authority has been delegated to local levels in order to promote effective and timely internationalization by Chinese companies.

The timing of these outbound investment visions coincides precisely with the struggle facing U.S. and European governments trying to address unsustainable national debts which in turn has severely restricted the availability of capital for business growth or even simply sustaining operations. Consequently, there are numerous opportunities for Chinese companies to joint venture, invest in or even fully acquire companies with strong technology, complementary brands, expansive established distribution channels or access to critical raw materials and sophisticated manufacturing capabilities.

The AsiaPlus Capital team brings to these opportunities the following unique skills and experience…

  • Based in Shanghai, with a professional Chinese and American staff, AsiaPlus well understands the nature and expectations of Chinese investment, the challenges of working with and through government regulations and authorities and, most importantly, can bring together the cultural issues and differences.
  • Successful transactions require compatible partners with common goals and objectives. AsiaPlus, through specific and directed international research, can clearly identify the available opportunities in both the U.S. and Europe that best meet the Chinese investment criteria and expectations.
  • The western AsiaPlus team members have extensive management and leadership experience with major public and private U.S. corporations. With over 125 years of sector specific merger and acquisition, private equity and private placement expertise, the ChinaPlus professionals can build a successful “Bridge to the West”.

Based in Shanghai with offices in Tianjin, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco and Minneapolis, AsiaPlus maintains strong networks throughout the United States with the necessary connections and people to professionally accomplish your goals.