Business Services

Our business services practice includes healthcare, insurance, education and other professional services providers.

The healthcare industry is one of the largest industries in the world and has a direct effect on the quality of life of people in every country. To say that the healthcare industry has gone through change over the last 5 years is an understatement. Patient demographics continue to evolve as the average age of the global population increases. The global pandemic has placed a newfound emphasis on advanced digital technologies, specifically those related to data tracking and management. Medical tourism is a growing practice as patients have the ability to search for value all over the world.

The education industry is also undergoing significant change as the global pandemic forces educational institutions to re-evaluate their offerings and re-package their product into an online format while still preserving the level of educational excellence that allows them to charge a premium price. The rapid expansion of online education has allowed companies to expand across the globe through content distribution partnerships or organic global expansion.

As companies continue to face challenges, Asia Plus Capital can act as a guide to navigate through these dynamic industry landscapes. We have consulted with a number of clients in the business services sector and have a track record of success on the sell-side as well as facilitating market expansion plans into new geographies. Our collective experience brings deep sector knowledge and insights to identify valuation drivers and maximize the value of businesses in this sector in order to position for sale or additional investment.