Strategic Partners

PRI is a premier management and consulting company with over 30 years of experience doing business in China. The PRI team leverages this vast experience in dozens of industries to provide world class operations solutions that simplify the complexity of doing business in China and empower businesses to succeed.

TAEL Partners brings privileged access and unique insights into the companies in Southeast Asia. As a strategic partner, TAEL Partners provides financial resources, senior management, operational expertise, and access to markets so as to maximize returns for its portfolio companies. The firm is supported by in-house industry experts to facilitate holistic evaluation and value creation.

Pathfinder Companies LLC is a Minnesota based privately held investment and advisory firm that provides long-term capital to privately held family and entrepreneurial companies. Pathfinder pursues companies seeking a pathway to long-term value creation, accelerated growth, liquidity, and ownership and management transition.

Yixing Capital is an international private equity firm that focuses on cross-border M&A investments. Their portfolio of investments cover companies in the consumer services, digital technology and healthcare sectors.

Driving Force Asia offers staffing services and lean operation solutions in Asia. Personnel hiring services for full time employment with a focus on automotive and automation and interim engineers, managers or teams, to meet the needs for specific projects or fixed time periods..